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Lawn-mowing thoughts o the future and electric cars...

Hey all! I was out mowing our large lawn for 3 hours earlier and my mind wandered and settled on Electric cars.

First and foremost, I LOVE driving a manual, not in a snobby way, but I love the feeling and the interaction. Cars are a huge part of my life and my favorite thing in the universe, so Electric cars being a lot different than ICE cars is a large leap in some corners of my brain...

I was reading the recent, somewhat scary, climate report on how if we don’t dive towards electrification of transport by 2040 we could irreversibly damage the global climate. I thought to myself, OK, we all know Electric cars are coming and will probably be the new mainstream......but what will happen to car culture as we know it? Companies will undoubtedly lock down electric cars in a drivetrain more easy modding as we currently do to bump a few hp in with things like air intakes, etc. Sure, there will be suspension and cosmetic mods, but performance mods won’t be easy to do anymore.

It will probably be a long time before I own an electric car. Charging infrastructure here in my part of Canada is next to nonexistant out-and-about (I can think of ONE charging station in my nearby town of Lunenburg off the top of my head). I still hope charge times and range are something that can be improved on in the near future...and price...electric cars are very expensive currently and it seems to me they are hard to afford to all but those that have a spare chunk of change sitting around. Even Chevy’s Bolt EV is $45,000 CAD for the base model.....I mean, $45,000 for what is essentially a like any other 4-door hatchback! I was looking at the info for the new Hyundai Kona Electric crossover yesterday for something to do and was glad to see it’s range is a little more than 400km on a single charge, so the range is improving. I also wish somebody would make a ‘basic’ electric car...everybody seems to feel they need to be filled with gobs of fancy technology....lane-keeping, autonomous mode, radar cruise, etc etc.....can’t somebody make something more affordable with fewer features for the masses? You know....power locks, power mirrors, power windows, old-school 3-know HVAC with A/C and a small touchscreen for some car settings and the audio system....that’s it. I don’t need a zillion fancy gizmos, nore do I (at least personally) care if I have them or not.


I dunno, just some rambling thoughts that popped into my head. What do you folks think? I know everybody will adapt, and car culture will adapt....certainly not saying it will die, just saying it will be a huge shift in some ways to what we are accustomed to.

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