“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

Not pictured - a lawnmower.

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(This is actually two Pathfinders ago. Long story involving living in a flood plain.)


Picked up a new fan assembly from the parts department at the nearby Nissan dealer, since I couldn’t find something else local that didn’t look super cheap (ended up being $540). My father and brother in law came over after dinner to help, and I’m glad they did.


Overall it wasn’t hard, but there is just barely enough room to get the whole assembly out without taking off the radiator core support. Removed the plastic air box intake, battery, and battery tray to even get it close. Ended up having to take off the fan control module to get the final 1/4" clearance needed to wrestle it out. Turns out you have to take the control module off anyway, because the new fan assembly doesn’t come with one.

About an hour and some minor scrapes was all it took. But had I tried on my own I definitely would have lost my cool trying to get it out through the barely wide enough opening. My dad has always been a calming influence on me, and my brother in law doesn’t let hardly anything bother him, while I have a horrible temper (from my mom).


Yes, it is just a fan, but I’ll take the win.


Wife drove it to work today with just the one fan running and didn’t see the temp go any above normal. Trip home will put more stress on it with more traffic, but still not too worried.


Going to buy the OEM one from Nissan this afternoon and attempt replacement tonight. $514 versus $300-400 for another brand, but can’t find any of those locally and tonight is the only time I have to work on it until next Tuesday, so I’ll pay the premium.

Tips for the replacement? Looks like the space is tight, requiring battery removal and maybe an upper radiator hose. But only two screws up top to remove and attach the assembly, so with my brother in law’s help I think we can get it done tonight.



Got home and finally had a chance to take a look. Started it up and didn’t notice much, except the power steering pump whining a bit. Went for a drive around the block and the noise was apparent.


Definitely coming from the front of the engine bay, and a look with the hood up I could tell right away it was from the radiator fan. There are two fans, and the passenger side fan is definitely shaking for some reason.

Some quick googling and it turns out these fans fail regularly. Now to decide if I have time to replace it myself or not. Need to search for the part and see if there is one locally.


In the mean time I unplugged the harness for the offending fan and it runs fine. Luckily my parents have a car for us to borrow, but the Pathfinder should be ok to drive with one fan as long as the weather stays on the cooler side.


Talked to my wife. The noise started this morning, and didn’t appear to change with vehicle or engine speed. She stopped to get gas and didn’t hear it again when she restarted until she was driving up into her parking garage and made a sharp turn, when it started again. She got out once she parked and if was definitely coming from under the hood, and there were no warning lights, and all gauges showed normal.


I told her it sounds ok to drive, but keep a close watch on the gauges, especially temperature. Off to a full day of meetings and thinking about what it could be, but definitely sounds like something fan or belt related.


Just got a text from my wife that her 2015 Pathfinder has “a loud noise coming from under [her] hood. Sounds like a lawnmower or something vibrating. When I turned off the car it stopped about 5 seconds after I turned off the engine.”


She did give me some description, but I have NO idea what it might be. I rode with her in the car this weekend and it was fine, and she didn’t say any warning lights came on. But my text back for additional detail has gone unanswered so far.

Will update as I learn more.

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