About a week ago I received an automated email from my insurance company that my accident claim had been set up in their system. Having not been in an accident, I responded saying just that.

The adjuster then called me, and essentially told me “Yeah. We thought so, but this lawyer is claiming you did.”

Apparently someone driving on an expired license hit the lawyer’s client. Said person was driving a black ‘88 Mazda RX-7, and had no insurance card. So the lawyer ran the plate on the police report, which came up as belonging to my ‘64 Chevy C10 pickup.

Based on the fact that these two vehicles are about as different as you can get in every possible way, and that the name of the driver and my name don’t match he decided I was personally at fault for the accident. He then sent a letter demanding payment to my insurance company that repeatedly lists me as the driver of the Mazda in the accident.


The adjuster has been really great, and has repeatedly apologized for what she knows is a waste of my time and hers. She actually ran the VIN on the police report, which comes up to an RX7 owned by a guy in Mass. As of last communication, she was drafting a letter to the lawyer that essentially says “Here is the actually fucking car owner, how about you chase after him instead of a guy that owns a completely different unrelated vehicle. Also stop listing our insured as the driver, as that is completely inaccurate and misleading.”

I checked the lawyer’s Yelp reviews, and every single one is either a one-start review stating his incompetence(posted by clients) or clearly fake reviews praising his brilliance.