Here’s a bizarre story that I’ve heavily scaled down for purposes of actually trying to get people to read my posts:

My friend puts an offer on a house 15 days ago. 10 days later, they negotiate. The next day the offer is accepted: contingent and pending inspection. So they do they home inspection and the sewer inspection yesterday (completed within 10 days as agreed upon since pending). Then this morning, the *sellers* back out. The took new photos and relisted the home by noon today.


The sellers didn’t ask for renegotiation, nor did they even approach my friends with their sudden change of heart. Their agent simply notified my friend saying they were walking away and relisting the home. But my friend signed all the whatever yadda yadda and so did they, so they’re SUPPOSEDDDDDD to be bound to the deal, we assumed. When my friend contacted her realtor, he did the total — and I felt terse — “contact a lawyer” with really no insight as to what the hell just happened.

From her frantic research, she’s under the impression she’d basically have to sue them for breach of contract, plus the money she’s out on the inspection and earnest money. Which will likely cost more than the value of those three checks combined.

So my questions are:

1) what the everloving fuck happened to my friend, and 2) what the hell does she do now?


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