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Lazy Saturday Overlanding

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I didn’t really know what I wanted to do today. I woke up a little fuzzy from the night before and after a nap and a gigantic breakfast, had some time on my hands. As luck would have it, a couple friends texted! Since it was a nice day, Kate wanted to take her XJ out and put some miles on it. She hasn’t been driving it as the AC doesn’t work and Oklahoma summers suck. Rather than hit the local ORV park, we opted instead to seek out some back roads and just putter a bit.


And putter we did.

The roads were boring, but pretty, and while they would have been very slick and muddy earlier in the day, the sun seemed to have baked away all the mud leaving only nice, smooth dirt.


Only real mishap was that I couldn’t get my center diff lock to disengage. I put it in thinking we were going to hit some mud, which we didn’t, so after a few miles of smooth sailing (and a paved section impending) I flipped the linkage to the unlocked position.

And drove like that for miles.

And it STILL wouldn’t drop out.

Drove in reverse for a bit.

Still wouldn’t drop.

Finally, getting desperate, I threw the transfer case into neutral and rolled to a stop.


That worked, thankfully.

I can only assume it got a little bound up due to how firm the road was?

Anyway. Good day. Nice weather. Good views.

Sous vide chuck and roasted veggies for dinner.

I think I’ve earned a beer.

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