So since it seems a lot of people are interested in the progress of my house, here’s an update. If you missed the first post, it’s here.

The first project we did was the subway tile back splash. Still have the last wall to tile because we were waiting on getting the new window installed. Once the wall behind the sink was done, we were able to have the faucet installed which is so nice.

Tile done, this was before grout.
Wall with grout. My mom hates the faucet, but I love it.

The next major project was digging a hole in the yard so that a hole could be cut in the foundation for the new egress window. This involved both a tiny Bobcat and a massive saw. It was sorta terrifying watching guys take sledgehammers to your foundation wall. But I can now escape from my basement bedroom if needed.

Digging the hole.
Cutting the wall with a massive saw.
Finished product.

The windows on the main floor of the house have started being replaced. It’s slow going, about 3 hours a window. Once the old window is removed, we are left with bricks and no way of attaching the new window. So a wood frame has to be made and secured and then the new window can go in. Two down, twelve to go.

Well that’s fun. Now that the window is replaced, we can tile this wall.

The last big thing is the tile floor in the bathroom and kitchen are happening! The bathroom just needs grout and it will be done. The kitchen needs the cut tiles around the edge placed and then grout. We are hoping to be done by Friday and then the kitchen appliances can be delivered.

Bathroom floor! Just need to paint and then put the toilet and sink back in and it’s done.
So we discovered that this end of the kitchen was about an inch lower than the rest. A couple buckets of self-leveling cement later and it’s fine.
Apparently this is the only picture of the kitchen floor I took. Meh. You can get an idea of the pattern.

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