I have a first world problem. I have training in Toulouse, France the week before Le Mans. Now Toulouse is near the Spanish boarder and Le Mans is 90 minutes out of Paris by train. The Paris Airshow starts the Monday after Le Mans. Nominally, I would take the train from Toulouse direct to Le Mans, watch the race and head to Paris for the airshow. Problem is, I will have a week’s worth of work cloths, laptop, assuming I can travel with it, and other crap that I don’t want to lug round. I’m kind of thinking the smart money is to go up to Paris, get a hotel for Saturday-Monday night, go down to Le Mans on an early train Sunday and hang for the finish of the race. Take the train back up Sunday evening and do the airshow. I don’t get to see all the race, but I get to see a good bit of it. I would have to pay for a hotel room I’m not going to use though.

Anyone have a better plan?