Le mercredi de Panhard, part quatre

Panhard stopped making passenger cars more than fifty years ago but they continue in the arms trade and have made a wide variety of armoured cars.

One of the more popular was the EBR, the "engin blindé de reconaissance" or armoured reconnaissance vehicle which went through several different models, all of them 8*8s with liftable middle wheels. It's a pleasingly weird thing as we see here. The diagram is in French, because Panhard, but to explain it the front is to the left. We see two steering positions (cue weary dead-horse flogging comments about French retreats) and a centrally mounted engine. Yes, mid engined like the best Ferraris. To the left of the engine (a flat 12, because Panhard really liked flat engines) we find the transverse gearbox which sends power along driveshafts on each side of the vehicle, having split said power to shafts going forward to the front axle and rearwards to the remaining three. Note that each of the eight wheels gets its own crown wheel and pinion.


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