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Le mercredi de Panhard, part sept

Panhard lives! Yes, they still make vehicles. The company had been owned by Citroën who were absorbed into Peugeot. In the 2000s PSA failed in a tender for a vehicle for the French army so sold out to the winning bidder, Auverland, who decided to use the more familiar Panhard name from then on. Subsequently they became part of Renault Defence who are owned, not Renault. Volvo, a Swedish company who don't make cars. Panhard have over the years sold armoured cars to former French colonies who use them to keep despots in power by violently suppressing uprisings defend their borders.

Their latest toy is the Crab, which can go crabwise because it has four wheel steering. It also has, not by way of tribute to French industry, a Steyr engine and a Mercedes automatic box.

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