Le Petit Putain

Winter is right around the corner and soon we will have snow on the ground. Today is after October 1, which means I am supposed to have winter tires on, but hey! My summer tires are still on, and the roads are still dry, the snow is not supposed to start until nest week.

So what did I do this early morning? Took the Peugeot 205 CTI for a drive. The canary yellow French cabriolet is nicknamed Le Petit Putain because,well, it's a little fucker. It is a nervous little car with short gears, a noisy engine, it is light weight, and has a rock hard suspension (former owner lowered the car as much as he could), which makes it feel like you are driving a street legal go-kart. Very few cars will give a more go-kart-like feeling on the road (my buddie's Westfield Seven will do too).


This is a car that feels at home at 4,000 rpm and higher, it loves windy roads, it hates long stretches. But despite its nasty attitude, this yellow Gallic vehicle is loads and loads to drive (much like a go-kart!), and puts a smile on my face every time I take it out to play.

We ended up driving almost 220 km today, from Ansbach to Schweinfurt and back. The car behaved well, but unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating. We had rain for most of the day,which meant keeping the top closed. I was looking for a last bit of open air motoring before it really gets cold, but alas, I will wait until next year then.


Edit: video of the Supersprint exhaust sound. The car was running rich due to a coolant sensor that was malfunctioning. I got home and there was a small package from Amazon with a new sensor, and now no more running rich! Video shows engine sound all the way to 7,000 rpm redline.

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