Le sigh. Wasted time.

Replaced the door jamb switch in the S10 since it is a common failure point for them and I’m not getting any interior lights when the door is open (no dome light or under dash lights). I can turn the dome light on with the dimmer switch by turning it all the way up until it clicks. So, I figured if the dome light works that way then it can’t be a fuse and the switch must be bad.

Wrong. It was a huge pain in the ass to get to and once I replaced it I still have no dome light. Oh well. Also found out that my truck was wired for remote start at one time. There’s a plunger/button type thing sticking out under the dash (looks like a floor dimmer switch out of an old truck). I pushed it (naturally) and the starter engaged. Scared the shit out of me.


Pic of the gross interior for your time.

Illustration for article titled Le sigh. Wasted time.

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