Leak Reduction Part 1 Complete-ish

In an attempt to make the RX7 less like the Exxon-valdez and more like... uh... something that doesn’t leak profusely, I am doing some work on it this winter. Previously I have replaced the common-leak o-rings in the “beehive” oil cooler. It sort of helped but it still leaked a ton.

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Yesterday I removed what’s known as the oil metering pump, which is the bit that meters oil to pump into the intake to keep the apex seals happy. It had been leaking a lot for some time by the oil and crud buildup, and I really wish I had taken a picture. It spent some time soaking in a can of old Dexron then some mineral spirits before a rinse in brakleen. It came out fairly clean.

Today I rebuilt it, which is really just like 5 seals. It has been reassembled and is ready to re-install on the car, which I figure I’ll get to tomorrow or something. Not much of a rush, since it’s early winter still.


The next step is the oil pan gasket. I already have removed the oil pan, so I just have to clean it up, clean up the bottom mating surface of the engine, take care of the oil level sender that is attached to it (which probably leaks), and slap it back on with a fresh gasket and some black RTV.

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