Leaked images of new Skoda Octavia and Subaru Levorg.

The third gen Skoda Octavia was a good looking if understated liftback and estate car.

Third gen


Third Gen facelift (more, facedrop really)

Fourth Gen leaked image from configurator. Looks much better


The Subaru Levorg got a quite recent facelift from the 1.6 turbo, 168bhp


Subtle changes to the front bumper and loss of scoop from the bonnet and the 1.6 Turbo changed to a 2.0 non-turbo, 148bhp.


Leaked image shows it’s getting a lot more angular.

Said to be a ‘near production prototype’

Apparently it’ll be getting a 1.8 litre eng

After being teased and leaked, the Subaru Levorg Prototype celebrated its debut at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Even if the name is “Prototype”, this is almost ready for production. The market launch in Japan is planned for the second half of the year 2020.

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