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recap: the IS was losing discomforting amounts of oil. Took it in for an inspection. Leaks from multiple areas, coupled with lots of rain causing some caked leakage to loosen up and pour on down. Leaks onto exhaust manifold after drives for that lovely burning smell. Cam seal and valve cover both leaking.


Ultimately, I was faced with two choices with my car:

a) fix nothing and sell within the next year or so before shit gets worse.

b) just fix it

Well, it’s getting fixed.

I got a slightly cheaper quote over the phone elsewhere (you know how that goes), but I was already on the hook for the inspection, which went towards the repair bill if I used them instead. So to get my car back, pay that inspection, then take it somewhere else to verify the inspection and then do the work was not only a wash, but a total waste of time.

So, I’m gonna have this UX until early next week.

Illustration for article titled Leaky boi update
Illustration for article titled Leaky boi update

The UX would be the perfect sized car where it not for this damn steep rake on the rear glass. The cargo space is “fine,” but it could have been stellar. The RX is still the worst offender on that front, having less cubic feet behind the seats than my IS, in a vehicle that is absolute fat boi.


I guess I’ll just keep the IS forever until I can afford a brand new car.

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