I’ve been thinking about a new DD lately and want something with utility. I would like to transport my Mt. Bike, Paddle and Surf Boards, Camping Gear, skis, or larger items (not at the same time). It was also be nice to have something that can transport more than two people. I also have visions of hitting a few fire roads or other soft-roading.

My Ideal weekend, by Toyota.

I want a 4Runner for all the obvious reasons but I also have an unexplained soft spot for the Xterra.

On the same age and mileage, it looks like the 4Runner is about $10k more than the Xterra. Do you think the 4Runner is worth the premium? I know they hold resale value like crazy, which is a bonus. In 5-10 years, will the 4Runner still be worth $10k more or will the gap grow further as the Xterra fades away into obscurity?

Could see driving on something like this (Credit: Motor Trend)


I’m honestly not going to buy anything right away, and when I do, it will probably be something wildly impractical (again). But, it’s always fun to pretend I’m a responsible adult (:

I will never do this, but would like to know I could. (Toyota)


What do you think, OPPO?