It sounds as though it has become time for my grandmother to part with the Triumph 2000 Estate that her late husband bought new in England in 1968 and shipped out with them when they moved to New Zealand. I would hate to see a car that is, at this point, pretty much part of the family, go on to just anybody, so I suggested that it could go on to me instead. After all, it has great sentimental significance to the family, and I’ve always had a soft spot for it anyway. The problem is, while the car is in Auckland, New Zealand, I am half a world away in Minneapolis.

If anybody reading this has had experiences importing old cars to the US, I would be really interested to know. Flying out to the coast and driving it home would be the adventure of a lifetime, and it would be truly wonderful to have a piece of family history over here.

Some photos from the family album over the years: