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Learn Me Trailer Tires

My wife and I have recently become the curators of our local SCA group’s equipment trailer - basically a 5x8 U-Haul type enclosed trailer. I realize that this is a medieval re-enactment group, not a car enthusiast group, but I was a bit scared to see that the tires on this thing look rather medieval - not a good quality in a tire. Fortunately, I’ve been told that our group has money in the bank and that I should bring a replacement quote to a meeting for a vote, where it’ll likely be approved.

One side has a P205/65/15. The other side has a P195/65/15. Yes, they’re passenger car tires, not trailer tires. How big a problem is that? The issue I’m running into with my research is that 15" trailer tires seem to come in 205/75/15 at minimum. I’m concerned about rubbing the fender. The current tires seem to be handling the nowhere near maximum rated load adequately, despite being badly dry rotted. Could I get away with throwing a pair of affordable P205/65/15s on?


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