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Learned A Valuable Lesson On Saturday

Went up to Detroit Region to run with the guys n gals up there. Their events are always maxed out, and the wait-list is just as long. Luckily for me, a handful of entrants backed out the night before, and I was promoted from the wait list to an entrant.

Morning runs went great on Saturday. It was a little slick, but traction picked up once the grass was ripped up. Van was moving. Looked great as well. By lunch, I was carrying an 8 second lead.

Dang those lights look good
Dang those lights look good
Photo: Artur Stepanov

Complacency was at its max come the afternoon. After hitting one cone all morning, I proceeded to hit TWELVE in the afternoon. The biggest hitter was a three cone set on a wide sweeping slightly banked turn. Hit that trio TWICE. Want to see a magic trick? I can make three cones disappear!


What killed me the most, was my sloppy performance only put me 8 seconds from the winning time. Had I hit 8 cones rather than 12, I’d be very close in contention.

Regardless, I had a blast once again. Win or lose, I get to send the van into corners and around/through cones. Changing the world, one van at a time.

Illustration for article titled Learned A Valuable Lesson On Saturday
Photo: Xander Cesari

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