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Learned my lesson... never smoking in my car again.. :(

I was smoking in my car today (not something I do normally but its just too damn cold), air off, windows down, cig out the window. When I finished today I flicked it out and a strong wind blew (I was driving on a road parallel to the ocean) but something told me it had made it's way back in but after further inspection I didn't see it so I didn't think twice about it. When I got to my destination and rolled the windows back up the smoke smell got more intense very quickly also the smell of burnt plastic filled the car.......... I was in panic mode. I have factory all weather matts and knew it wouldnt burn there so I looked in my back seats, under the seats, between them and I couldnt see it. I looked at my luggage cover from back seat and I didn't see it there , I was so lost as to where it was. I knew it was in there. I opened all the doors and went to open the trunk to air it out..... the cig had wedged between the luggage cover and the trunk lid its self, burnt through the cover and then went into my trunk smoldering a jacket and a shopping bag... I apologized to my car many many times and promised it a new luggage cover and trunk trim. I has the very sad now :((((((


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