Learned something cool about the Hero5.

I haven’t kept up with what the newer Gopros are able to do because I can’t afford them + mod money, lol.

Well this past weekend I helped do trackside support for a customer car at the Colorado Mile and found he had a Hero5 in his bag for the car. I was actually excited to check it out since I have a couple hero3's that are holdovers from when I co-owned Mexico Racing League and wanted to see what was different.

I saw it had GPS tagging, so while waiting for the drivers meeting I found that you can do a telemetry overlay. Hells. Yes! This car doesn’t have the PDR package so this was perfect.

At 1:24 you can see what it does. At 90mph is around where the nitrous kicks on and pulls 0.8G of acceleration! Speedometer was dead on nuts as the recording truck picked us at 238.4mph at the mile.

I’ve got one on the way and hope to test it out in the autocross event this next weekend.


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