There’s a law on the books in NJ (maybe elsewhere, don’t know) that you cannot move over to the shoulder early at a traffic light to get into the right hand turning lane. And you know what, I get the rule because there are plenty of people that will ride the shoulder for a good deal of time just to get to their turning lane.

Well, I got a ticket for violating this rule this afternoon. And while I”m not denying that I was violating the law, perhaps there should be some type of leniency when it comes to this law. Below are the pictures of the intersection in question. I was about a carlength behind the red car on the shoulder in picture one.

The bottom of picture one and picture two shows the rest of the intersection.

Personally I don’t think it was that big of an egregious error, but apparently the local LEO thinks it was. And you know the worst part about it? This was a ticket for “improper passing” which is a 4 point ticket in NJ. Wouldn’t you think there should be something else you could fine someone with? A 4 point ticket for moving over 20 feet too soon seems just a little excessive. But, what do I know?


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