While clearing out a CEL (low battery - because it sat for too long with the alarm and cellular start system active) I saw my oil light on. Minor panic. Was about an hour from home in Franklin and this isn't what you want to see.

Then I realized I'm an idiot and the oil light is always on when the key is set to on but the engine isn't running. Plus I was literally looking at the engine codes and saw nothing about oil.

Number 2 is that my exhaust makes a God awful bees in a tin can rasp at 5k RPMs (flowmaster, no resonator.. meh)

Bonus- Franklin is full of deer. Seriously, all over the sides of the road and driving around at 1 am to see eyes everywhere is really sketchy.


Bonus 2 - morimoto mini projectors are effing bright. Never realized it til I got into the country and my headlights were the only light. With high beams the road looks like daylight.

Extra bonus- driving around sketchy back country roads is way too fun - even more so when it's just you, no traffic and your exhaust as the soundtrack.