Living near a "choice" intersection, I realized that sometimes the line to turn left at a particular light is pretty long. Like 2 miles long. (I measured it using a landmark).

If we know that the biggest baddest longest Lincolns ever made were about 21 feet long, then assuming the cars were stopped, it's pretty safe to assume that every car would fit inside a 30 ft bubble ( big trucks not allowed on this road). If you gave 30 ft to each car, over the 2 miles, there would be 352 cars waiting to turn left when the line is at the max.

WOW! About 20 cars get through each lead light, so that is 18 light cycles approximately.

*note earlier in a comment I said the ,ine was 2.5 miles long, I am not sure if I had ever seen quite THAT long, but I have definitely seen it at the two mile mark.

Dear traffic engineers: 352 cars is too long a line. Please fix.