Right now, as I write this, I am feeling the buzz of a nice stiff glass of Costco-cheapo Canadian Whiskey mixed with Canada Dry ginger ale. I’m thinking about these things:

  • There’s an ‘05 Crown Vic on the lot at the local Pick & Pull, came in yesterday. I should go see if I can salvage stuff from it.
  • Watched a video about how to remove a door trim panel. I should check to see if I have the appropriate torx wrench bit. I need a new door panel for my driver door.
  • Tomorrow, I have to come in to finish my car’s service, the other transmission line that the shop forgot to order. Then I have to pay $600-ish for the work they already did on the transmission.
  • I need to get a new dash panel trim thingy. Might need to find one from a Crown Victoria LX, if there’s any at the local Pick and Pulls. Preferably one with the wood graphics, so my car feels just a wee bit more luxurious.
  • I should fucking quit being lazy and clean up my car’s rims. They’ve got rust-dust on ‘em...
  • Visited Maaco after checking a couple other auto body shops (they wanted appointments from me before they could give me a quote). Maaco told me that it would cost around $1200 to repair the rubber-plugged holes and give the paintjob a refresh. Oof, if that’s the cheapest I’m gonna get, then I should probably budget $2,000...

When I have this stiff drink, my fingers get all numb-like, and I get that drifting buzz feeling. I like it. But I don’t make it a habit to get drunk. The last time I drank was what...? Three months?