The above vehicle is the Mobility Vehicle One (MV-1), a specially built taxi vehicle, designed to provide mobility options for the wheelchair bound. The vehicle is American made was first designed by the Vehicle Production Group using a loan from the Department of Energy, the vehicle was actually produced by AM General in Indiana. At some point the Vehicle production group ceased to exist, AM General then acquired the rights to build it and stated a new company, Mobility Ventures, which is manufacturing them to this day. Photos of the interior reveal a spacious interior with plenty of room for wheelchairs, people, and presumably cargo if you were to get inventive.


The MV-1 is equipped with a Ford 3.7 V6 engine with an atrociously bad 14 City/ 16 Highway mileage, and a 6 speed automatic transmission. The interior is spacious enough that it make me wonder about the possibility of a rural taxi/parcel delivery service which multi-tasks into multiple roles. When I saw it for the first time today, it appeared to be operating in the role of a university shuttle. Anyways, here is the link to the current website incase you wanted to look more into the details of this odd little slice of American automotive trivia.