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Leasing a Giulia - Should I do it?

So I’m planning on selling my 2011 S4 this upcoming November. I love it, but it’s got 94K, is due for new brakes soon, and I’m not planning on keeping it past 100K.

That said, I came across what seems like the deal of the century.

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Brand New 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia AWD Base - 8.8" Nav, sport package, cold weather package...stickers at $45,500. It’s got most things standard, but lacks a sunroof and premium sound.

Test drove it, and it was nice. Only gripes being slight turbo lag, decent blind spots (I’m used to a blind spot monitor), and pretty mediocre seats. The seats are flat and lack support.


The numbers:

10K/24 Month lease
$4,000 Down (trade in after paying off my lien)
$285 per month (matches my current car payment - insurance is $300 cheaper per year)

Literally this will not cost me anything, other than registration fees.

I really like the car a lot - it’s not common and I love the exclusivity. Not considering financing - I don’t trust Alfa reliability or resale value. I only keep cars 2 years, so this will work perfectly in terms of length. Only caveat is that I’m settling a bit. I don’t hate the white, but I don’t love it. I love my sunroof, and premium sound too, which are two things I’m losing.


I got a quote for a 2018 how I’d have it equipped (sport seats, sunroof, sound), and a 24 Month term is more than double this 2017.

The Question: Should I pull the trigger or not?

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