Least surprising BMW notice ever

First post, not even sure if the picture is showing., but got this notice from BMW on my 2015 328 (sedan, M Sport, 6 speed) yesterday.

I guess it could have been more BMW if it added: “water pump, radiator neck, anything else cooling system related”. I’m not super concerned though, it is a lease and will be going back to the dealer in June.


Brief intro: Been lurking for quite a while, live in Houston, hobby is running and kids (4 of them), work in oil and gas, DD is 2015 GMTK2 Suburban. Past cars include B5 Passat, E39 540i 6 speed, E36 328 5 speed, ‘05 Acura TL, ‘87 Acura Legend 5 speed, OG Ford Explorer.

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