To make something as simple as changing a cabin air filter on my C30 a total PITA. In case this is something you haven’t yet done, and can’t watch the video, let me explain.

First, this needs to be made clear: Volvo did not re-engineer this for the LHD market. So, maybe if you are in England it isn’t as bad because there aren’t any pedals or steering wheels in your way.

(EDIT: As For Sweden pointed out, Sweden has LHD cars... so now I’m more confused)

Now, maybe you are asking yourself why that matters. Let me tell you. The filter is hidden behind some carpet. This carpet is on the right hand side of the driver’s footwell. And it is blocked by... the accelerator pedal!

Yes readers. You have to REMOVE the accelerator pedal and lift up some carpet in order to get access to the filter.


This is where the pedal was before being removed.


The filter is hidden behind this housing. It’s tucked away so no one would ever want to mess with it.

Also, because there is still a brake pedal there, you cannot just simply slide the filter out. You have to bend and misshape it. And there is literally no room to work because there is a dashboard and steering wheel above you and a driver seat right beside you.

Am I wrong? Is there maybe an even worse filter location? I just couldn’t believe what I was watching when I looked it up the other day at work. We had a car come through the dealer for service. It was an 06 Equinox with over 90K miles. The filter was never replaced. So, I got to wondering if mine was ever changed. I figured it was in the glovebox like our Hondas. Boy was I wrong.