We’ve all heard it before. I’m done. Stop whinging about sport mode.

Why does a Ferrari need a sport mode? Why isn’t it always in sport?

Because it’s not a race car. It’s a road car

Because roads are shitty some of the time

Because getting to good roads often means traveling on shit roads

Because sometimes good roads are shit roads. They’re quiet, dis-used, damp, off-camber, with a rocky surface and with debris

Because it’s an expensive car and the owner wants to enjoy it more of the time

Because it’s a glorious car and the owner wants to use it as much as they can

Because we have the technology to make a car both stiff and compliant, both comfortable and responsive, so why shouldn’t we


Because the easier the car is to live with, the happier the owner is, the more they like the car, the more they like the manufacturer, the happier the manufacturer is

Because, those who can afford fast cars are not always (or usually) the young and able


Because all the things that make a car better to drive (in no particular order & non-exhasutive: noise, feel, responsiveness, power, danger) don’t make it better in every situation in which you use the car

Am I wrong, Oppo?