One of the many things I want is a manual turbo Volvo. This is a problem for several reasons, but the one that bothers me the most is other people being shitty. I do believe that people get to do whatever they want with their own car, but one of my pet peeves is when people buy something rare, or nice, or both, and molest it. I mean that’s fine if you keep it, but don’t ruin a car and then sell it as if your terrible mods increase its value.

Like this one

Spoiler alert, a slammed 740 wagon with a welded diff is a broken car. It is not worth $3800. The only value is in the engine and transmission now.


Again, your car would be worth more than an equivalent automatic car, if you hadn’t slammed it.

There was a third ruined one up for sale, a manual 940 Turbo, with cut springs, and a welded diff. Of course. Asking $3500 or something laughable like this. It’s not that big a deal, Volvos are kinda like lego and if I really wanted a manual turbo brick it wouldn’t be too hard to build one. But it still seems inconsiderate to objectively ruin a relatively rare car, and then ask a stupid price for it because you think a welded diff is somehow and improvement......


TL;DR I’m a grumpy old man in a 21 year olds body