As I recall last time I looked, low mileage Leafs were about $10,000. These are listed below that and appear to be open to lower offers.

* Friday 8/5 midnight update: All three are still available. I’m not up to speed on what selling with “make offer” shows for bid status but there are no visible bids on any of these 3. The first one for $7495 is being watched by 33 people though.


Here is one with 29 bids and 12 hours to go, $4944 so far at 8/5 midnight. We’ll see where it ends up.

Looking at Tesla’s nobody appears to be bidding on those.

** Sunday 8/7 10:30 PM update. Looks like the maroon Leaf sold for $4700. Not sure how the $4944 bidder weaseled out, but $4700 is what it says it sold for. That’s about 14% of sticker price for a 5 year old car with 59,000 miles.


The blue one says it sold for $7,495. It only had 23,000 miles.


The silver one and the black one are still for sale.