Leaving for FL on Saturday.

Got supplies to ready my 6 for her third (and likely final) trip to Florida.

It’s a 9-hour drive, which sucks. But, we are going to a gorgeous area that is not too touristy and not crowded yet still fun. I’m really looking forward to it since my son is now almost three. He’s going to have a blast on the beach.


And no, I’m not dumping the 6. This is likely its last trip to FL just because we plan to have another child next year, and after that, the Highlander will have take over long travel duty.

Also: A synthetic oil change at the dealer is $65.00. At Valvoline, it’s $85.00. On my friend’s lift with me doing it, it is $30.00 (cost of oil plus filter). Wow.

Not to mention, I had to get a new drain plug because mine is on its way to being stripped out thanks to a few dealership oil changes.

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