Leaving for Portland soon (update)

This will be my first time visiting Oregon, and only my second time on the west coast. I’m expecting lots of good hipster carspotting, so follow me on Instagram (@sol_sees_cars) to see those live. Don’t worry, pictures only, no streaming. I know my friend who I’m staying with has an “old Volvo wagon” of some sort, because Portland, so we’ll see what that entails. Also, in addition to seeing the Spruce Goose, I’ll be swinging by the Portland Art Museum to check out The Shape of Speed, a temporary exhibit on streamlined cars. If you’ve got any other suggestions for things to do, let me know, although I’m sure my host will largely have that covered.

Update: the Old Volvo Wagon in question is this ‘95 Volvo 850 wagon in “Pacific Fog Grey” with over 200k miles on the clock. Still runs as smooth as silk, and the seats are super comfortable.


Also, a full photodump of cars & scenery will be coming, but for now here’s the view from our rental apartment in Oceanside (OR not CA):

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