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In addition to being a car nerd, I’m also a sneaker nerd. I’ve been working through my huge backlog of sneaker blog posts, and just saw this post about LeBron arriving to Game 3 of the finals wearing sneakers made of cork, because cork sneakers are a thing now. But look at the car he’s getting out of. That’s no Kia!


As many of you are probably aware, LeBron James is the “brand ambassador” for the Kia K900.


Supposedly, LeBron went and bought a K900 all on his own, then liked it so much he had his people reach out to Kia about him endorsing it. Which resulted in commercials like this:

The car LeBron is exiting in the picture at the top of his post is not a Kia K900. It’s a Mercedes-Maybach S600. LeBron is not being a good Kia K900 brand ambassador!


Maybe his contract says he only has to drive the K900 himself, but is free to be driven in other vehicles, as long as someone else is doing the driving.

Quick, Kia, close this loophole! You need to make sure LeBron starts getting chauffeured around in a K900! Maybe then 3 people will buy K900s.

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