My LEDs came in Friday, and I managed to find a few minutes to start the install yesterday afternoon.

The tail/brake, rear signal, and backup lights work perfectly, and the brightness and clear colour of the backup lights is a big improvement. I was worried about the lights being too bright, but they’re perfect.

(LEDs on the left, incandescent on the right.)

Then I installed the front signals and blew a fuse... For a minute I thought I may have burned out the flasher relay!


It turns out I bought the wrong bulbs for combined DRL/signal use up front, so I’ve put the originals back in for now. At the same time, the 8-pin flasher module I bought to fix hyperflash doesn’t fit: Canadian vehicles have a 12-pin combined flasher and DRL module. Boo, Toyota!

So the project stops there for now. I’ve ordered the correct bulbs, and have found the necessary instructions for modifying the flasher relay module. I might have have to order new license plate lamp holders or lenses as well, because the screws are so rusted there’s a real risk of breakage...


As far as projects go, this one is par for the course!