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Left turn only means you have to turn left - A rant

Near me there’s a left turn lane where people routinely go straight through. Seriously about a quarter of the time, including when I went by today. I think they’d probably do so more often if they weren’t blocked by cars actually turning left. I went to street view and bam.. there’s an Infinity going straight through from the only lane:

Illustration for article titled Left turn only means you have to turn left - A rant
Image: Google Street View

I mean I get that it’s a little confusing because the non-turn lane jukes a bit to avoid a parking lane that starts up and maybe they could paint the lines a little more clearly for that, but seriously there are two painted arrows, a “Left lane must turn left” sign, a left turn only sign on a gantry above the lane, and a pavement marking in the intersection to show that the right lane cuts over to the middle. I think people should get it.

So in summary, to the Mercedes that pulled out of McDonald’s into that lane (cutting across, and blocking traffic in the lane they needed to be in) and then tried to go straight through from the turn lane, nearly hitting me, I don’t regret laying on the horn at you (and I do regret that only one of my horns work), but giving you the finger may have been too much, so I apologize for that, though I do still think you should lose your license and have to retest to get it back.


Creepy Ronald at said McDonald’s for your time:



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