Leg One of the Roadtrip Across America: Phoenix to Las Vegas

Today was day one and the first leg of my road trip across America. I drove from Phoenix to Las Vegas, though not in the way you would think. Instead of taking the direct and shortest route, I elected to go through Lake Havasu City and Laughlin. From a driving standpoint, this was the right decision. The roads had all kinds of elevation changes, interesting turns and beautiful views. Here’s a sample:

The route I took was as follows: I-10 to Vicksburg road to Arizona Rte. 72 to Rte. 95 to I-40 to Needles and then 95 again, through Laughlin and Bullhead City to the 95 again north to Las Vegas. It takes a lot longer, but is a gorgeous drive.


Hitting the strip tonight and then onto Durango tomorrow.

See you at pikes, opponauts!

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