I know you guys didn't want a leg update, but this is what your getting.

As we know I went for medial patello femoral ligament surgery a week ago.

So far so good. I took the bandages off, which ever opponaut advised me not to throw up was wise, it was gross. There are 22 staples and 3 stitches around my knee.

The bruising is getting better. Most importantly, my walking is getting a lot better. I don't need crutches around the house anymore. Gimmie the zimmer splint and we are good...

Today I walked around a small block with my zimmer and no crutches. Sure, I don't go fast, but it doesn't hurt and I am feeling stronger everyday.

I think renting the gameready device really helped me.


I also think doing excercises really helped. In short, I am at 1 week after surgery further ahead than I was two weeks after the initial dislocation, and it feels great.