I found a really good deal on a ‘14 Jetta Hybrid back in early Feb and bought it because it was really cheap and loaded. So cheap in fact that I had no problem buying the 3 year bumper to bumper warranty. ( I was looking at hybrid hondas and this was $5000 cheaper for less miles). A few days later the hybrid system threw a code and I took it to my local VW dealer for repairs. They were in contact with the warranty providers and everything was going fine until they found that the underlying cause was from before I purchased the car.

Apparently, the codes had simply been cleared in october of 2019 ( not repaired) and because the fault is before I purchased the car, the warranty won’t pay for the repairs. I’m waiting to hear back from the dealership I bought the car from and I’ll give them a day or two to call me back but I’m not sure who to light the fire under to get this resolved.

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Lotus for your time.

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