Can the police come after someoneĀ if they post a video of themselves speeding on IG?

After seeing Afroduck get tracked down, they areĀ nervous of getting caught down, even though to information in the video is so much less then Afroducks.

The other day, someone hit 115 MPH on a completely empty stretch of highway at night, and they took a video of the gauge cluster. Now, yes that person knows what they did was stupid and blah blah blah. Please donā€™t lecture them on how dumb they were being, they already know what was on the line. And they knew the risks/rewards, and they said fuck it.

There is no time stamp, and the road/outside features are not visible. The only ā€˜evidenceā€™ visible is the speed, time, and temperature and that is it.

The driver doesnā€™t talk during the video, and road, or any other part of the car. There is no ā€˜uniqueā€™ features shown, and so as far as any judge is concerned that driver wasnā€™t driving, and this is not their car. Not to mention all gauges are in metric...


However, in other pictures on this persons IG, the license plate is visible, so it would be relatively easy to track down the owner/driver.

The person knows either way what they are doing is stupid, and that its just as stupid to brag about it online. But damnit, that person want to just rub it in their friends face that they have the balls to do 115...


Asking for a friend...