Nope, you are not seeing some bloke’s brick-built rendition of an F40, because the F40 you’re seeing here is an actual LEGO set that you can buy, build and hoon... for only $100.

Clocking in at 1,158 pieces, this model of Ferrari’s legendary supercar comes packed with juicy details, like working pop-up headlamps, accurate interior, and, shown in this dear-God grainy photo of the box below from, the twin-turbo V8 that powered the car to 201 mph.

Yes, that engine is built with smaller individual parts. Yes, the door closes with a pull-string, just like the real thing. Yes, those wheels are real. Yes, the frunk opens up to reveal tools. No, there’s no Ferrari execs watching you.


The full reveal, with more photos and the Designer clip, will come either tonight Manila time or Friday, and that will be for another post, but for now, gawk at what could possibly be the best way to spend $100 (or less if you’re a VIP member and a double-points promotion goes up) on a toy.

This model is a LEGO Direct2Customer exclusive just like the other models that came before it, like the Mk 7 Mini and the VW CamperVan, so better get an account up and get a hundred bucks ready.


Oh, and lest I forget: At least this one will run well at a brick-built Top Gear Test Track.