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LEGO help!

Maybe, just maybe you remember that lego stories I've been doing for a while. Probably not, but it's worth a shot.

Anyway, for those for the uninformed, I have this lego car that I've built an engine for and I've lowered it.


Now, if you have been keeping up with it, or at least read the first part:


I realized that my engine was not a horizontally opposed engine like I initally thought, so I've been working on coverting it to an actual horizontally opposed engine, and long story short, I need parts for the crank.

Now, I've never bought individual parts and I have no idea where to start. i tried doing some Google searches, and I walked away a lot more confused, I figured that I could (legit) order parts from Lego, but apparently that's a no no.


So, any ideas from people who've done it?

Here are the parts I need just to help (I don't know the part #)

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