I posted a podcast/videocast this past week on the considerations of buying New v Used. To spice things up, I posted a clip from the cover of an upcoming book about the Winged Cars. The funny thing is that I had two books to choose from. Observe:


As you might gather from the above images, I also have a book coming out about Preston Tucker. How did this happen? Weird timing. I agreed to write the Tucker book a while ago and finished it. Or, I thought I did. I then agreed to write the Winged Car book. Publisher number one came back and asked for some more detail and so on in the Tucker book. So, I revisited that project. At one point I may have been working on three books. It’s hard to say now: It’s all a blur.

Along the way I have gotten to see a few Tuckers and have pretty sound answers to the basic questions people always ask. Was Tucker a fraud? Were his cars any good? Who shut him down? (No, Yes, The SEC.) Along the way I even unearthed documents which have not been seen in over half a century. But that’s a story for the book.

Long story short, I have two books coming out next year. And these are them.

So, in the meantime, I have a new podcast and a video companion if videos are your preferred method of acquring knowledge. Should you buy New or Used?


The Podcast:


And the Video:

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