I just purchased a new (unsold) 2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT LWB for the company I work for with the idea that we are going to offer a mobile repair/pickup service for our customers.

It will be fitted with an Adrian Steel partition and workbench (originally intended for mobile locksmith work) immediately behind the front seats leaving the rear pretty wide open. There are no windows behind the front doors so it lends itself perfectly to a vinyl wrap which I am arranging for. The powers-that-be agreed to a partial (back-half) wrap due to the cost compared to a full wrap, but the fact that the little van would just be presenting a bald white face going down the road really nagged me. The whole point is to get attention, right?

So I’m thinking...

Our corporate logo color is very blue, almost like a hyperlink blue...

The van is a white Ford...

This practically writes itself, doesn’t it?


So I presented my idea to the vinyl graphics designer with some rough MS Paint representations...


The graphics guy got way more excited than I thought he would. He said it bothers him as well when there’s nothing at the front to draw the eye to a vehicle with a partial wrap, and by the time the sides get someone’s attention (passing in the other direction) it’s too late to see what it said on the side panels and the rear is hard to decipher in the mirror. He saw this as a cool, very cost effective way to bring oncoming attention to his partial wrap customers. And he likes Mustangs, lol.





The floor is open...

11am CST Update:

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive responses!

We’re hashing design details now. I made it clear we want the hood stripes to extend to the rest of the white bodywork down the front like my original front end image above. We’re going to have the company web address placed in the rocker panel stripe on the door. We’re also shuffling around some of the side panel image work. Waiting on the rear door image.