I’m in Tacoma with my dad for the Studebaker Driver’s Club International Meet. Tomorrow is the big car show, but today we walked around the swap meet (it was kinda pitiful. Dad found some parts for a ‘57 Packard Clipper he’s restoring, I found nothing for my President) then checked out the LeMay Museum.

Overall a cool place with lots of info and history. There’s a huge BMW racing exhibit and lots of NASCAR stuff. My favorite car there is pictured above: Avanti No. 1. The very first production Avanti, featuring its original R2 supercharged engine and 4 speed manual!


My second favorite car...

Yep. An ‘83 Grand Marquis Colony Park wagon. My God it was beautiful. I’d do an SEFI 5.0 HO swap and drive it every day. I’m glad it’s in a museum, though, and that some of these are staying to be appreciated and preserved.

Also, there was this...


Y? Aren't there enough of these just feet away clogging up I5?