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Lemon Law Myths - Ep. XVIII - Lehto's Law

This will bum out many of the BMW-fanboys and used car sellers who lurk in these parts but I debunk the most common Lemon Law Myths in my latest episode of Lehto's Law. I was inspired by a frequent comment I get whenever I mention the law in one of my posts - which I did on Monday.

There are a handful of the BMW guys who jump in and explain that BMWs are so superior to the regular cars peasants like you and me drive that even the "Lemon" BMWs are great purchases. Some of the stuff I have seen written on this topic is mind-boggling and not worth going into here. But I did go into it in my podcast, along with many other myths I hear on the topic (or have heard in my 23 years of practice).


I am also approaching a few very cool milestones. I am nearing 10,000 cumulative listens and one particular podcast (Bad Dealer Horror Stories) is approaching 1,000 listens all by itself. If you haven't given that one a listen, please do.

And please, don't anyone tell Doug I mentioned him. I'm sure he's too busy to listen to my little podcast so if you don't tell him, he'll never know.


Oh, and the pic at the top? Nothing to do with Lemon Law: That's me driving Bobby Isaac's K&K Daytona on the road in front of the Talladega raceway a few years back. I explained all that here:



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