A very long day. Too long.

We dawdled a bunch getting going this morning, stopping for things here, there, and all over the place. Heat was a huge theme, with the longest stop being at a Home Depot just inside Oregon (Pasco maybe?) to collect materials for and construct an ice-box a/c for the occupants of the Impala. We also hit up an O’Riley’s so while that was going on, I changed the blower motor resistor pack in the Jeep. It’s nice having intermediate speeds, for the first time in four years.

South-east Washington and north-east Oregon are hot, dry, and kinda boring to drive through.

Initially we planned on going past Bend, but with heat problems we decided best to make a bee-line for the coast where we assumed it would be cooler.


It wasn’t really by much until we hit the absolute edge of the ocean, but we wouldn’t realize that until the next day. I-84 to Portland and the 1-5 south to Grants Pass where we spent the night. Looked like the interstate south might have gone by some more spectacular scenery we missed in the dark.

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