What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

So, my boat LS400 does this thing that I have never had a car do before. Finally got around to recording the phenomenon. When I first start her up after sitting a while, there’s this extra sound coming from the engine bay. Once she’s warmed up, it goes away. (There’s more wind noise than I would like in the vid, but I still think you can hear it fairly well.) Once I start the car, you can hear what it sounds like...and then at about 1:41, the extra “wooosh” fades out, and by 1:45, the engine sounds “normal.”

So, if I start the car up, and DON’T wait 90+ seconds to get rolling (which, I typically don’t because THAT’S FOREVER), she runs and all, but the throttle response is slower than when the wooosh goes away. She basically feels like a 1970s land yacht for a bit, then it’s like she gets her muscles warmed up and then she’s back to being a modern land yacht.


Soooo...what IS that? (I will note that the LS is actually the first automatic I’ve ever owned and dailied. Sure, it’s been over two years now, but this has been going on for sometime, and I didn’t even notice until...well, probably sometime last year. Just didn’t care enough to post about it.)

EDIT: To all of you posting Men in Tights gifs, you win. A winner is you. This made my day. (Also, I’m going to be singing Men In Tights/Jews In Space for the rest of the day. Also, did you know that they were the same song?)

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