Hi Oppo. This is a bit of a personal rant, so if you skip over this, I don’t blame you. For those who are willing to read the post, have a CCGT for your time.

My parents are enrolling me in driver’s ed, which seems pretty great. However, if for any reason I am unable to finish the course, they are demanding that I pay for it with money that I don't have. On top of that, we are probably moving to BC. I'm still trying to sell the Cutlass ($800 takes it away, my email is autobox@rogers.com), and I just started researching car prices in BC. A Cavalier is $1500 there, while the same car goes for $1000 here. I won't be able to afford a car there, and my parents are unwilling to budge on the financial situation. Couple that with the fact that if I cannot complete this course, they won't be paying my insurance, and I have cause for concern. Cars are my only coping method, and if I cannot afford one, I'm not sure what I would do. Sorry if you think that this post is inappropriate and/or unnecessary, but I had nowhere else to post this. Thank you for your time.