I lead with “Less” as my father recently passed away (no need for “so sorry”s we were not very close, and it was not unexpected and I don’t need reminding any more than this post already does) and I stand to inherit a not-insubstantial sum. A large portion of it is tied up in a well managed trust (and will stay there, earning income and funding retirement) and the larger portion of the cash will go toward a house. This leaves me with oppo-cisions to make...

oppotion 1) Trade in the FieSTa and get a Focus RS. I refuse to buy until I have driven one, so this is year away probably. Maybe more.

oppotion 2) Keep the FieSTa and buy a Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and modify it.

oppotion 3) Convince myself to buy a Ducati Hypermotard (even though I have no desire to own a bike with that much power) and keep the FieSTa


oppotion 4) ??

I am going to be “responsible” and if oppotion 1 happens I’ll still have my BMW F650 Funduro...